Easy Way To Fix Android Exchange ActiveSync Can’t Create Account Issues Error

Over the past few days, some readers have encountered the Android Exchange ActiveSync error code, account creation failed. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now.

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    The release date for HTC EVO 4g is June 2010. Other features include a 4.3-inch interface, an 8-megapixel camera, 512GB of Snapdragon RAM, an S1 processor, and a 1,500mAh battery.

    We recently upgraded our Office Exchange site to version 2010. I have several users who use iPhones and Android devices to enable Exchange Server. After the update, I had a user who knew they couldn’t sync their account with their Android. After entering all the correct settings on the device, an error will occur;

    I’ve found that a few guys get lucky if they just check “Enable inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” in the Active Directory settings. In this explicit case, it didn’t solve the specific problem.A

    How do I troubleshoot ActiveSync?

    Go to part of the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer website. Select Exchange ActiveSync in the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync connection tests, and then click Next. Complete all required fields, then select Take Test. If needed immediately. Specify server settings to bypass the requirement for custom autodiscover settings.

    After digging, I found that this user does not have permission to create or delete ActiveSync objects in Web Sharing. His account was an old credit card account (which existed long before I took possession of this setew), and for some reason that account was missing. East

    Here is the normal user account in permissions. The first one with special permission is the one for ActiveSync.

    How can I tell if ActiveSync is working?

    Go to testconnectivity.microsoft.com and select the desired test that the user wants to run. There are two types of tests available in the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync connectivity tests. It mimics all the steps required for a mobile device to actually connect to Exchange and synchronize the two items.

    Click on the Security tab. If you don’t see these tabs, enable advanced features in the Active Directory Users and Computers section (they are indexed in the View section).

    android exchange activesync error failed to create the account

    In the permissions window, select “Allow” for “Create an msExchActiveSyncDevices object” and “Delete an msExchActiveSyncDevices object”. Then click OK.

    This will create the required entry. It will display as shown below.

    Wait while Active Directory grows to change the Exchange host server (or navigate to the Exchange device and run “gpupdate” in a DOS window).

    Try connecting your Android device to Exchange. It must be a recovery error.


    The user’s mobile device cannot connect Microsoft to Exchange Online in Microsoft 365 through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. However, previously the device could flexibly connect.


    android exchange activesync error failed to create the account

    There can be several reasons for this problem. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The device cannot connect to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the Internet.
  • The device is not configured correctly.
  • The Exchange Online mailbox supporting this connection is unavailable due to security issues or an outage.
  • Decision. Step 1: Make Sure ActiveSync Is Enabled For The User

    How do I enable Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on Android?

    Be sure to add Settings > Account. Enter your full email address and a. Tap Manual Setup. Select Microsoft ExchangeActiveSync.

    1. Typically, you sign in to the Microsoft 365 Portal as an administrator. Administrator,

    2. If you select

      and then select Exchange, you can open the EAC.

    3. In the authorized navigation bar, select Recipients, then select Mailboxes.

    4. Double-click Users in the list of all mailboxes, then select Mailbox Features.

    5. In the Mobile Devices section, select Actions:

      1. If you see Disable Exchange ActiveSync below, it means ActiveSync is enabled for the user. See Step 2: Make sure the mobile device is not blocked by an ActiveSync quarantine rule in this station.tee.
      2. If you see Enable Exchange ActiveSync, it means that ActiveSync is not enabled for these users. Select Enable Exchange ActiveSync, select Yes when prompted, and if yes, click Save.
    6. After reactivation, try ActiveSync to set up the technique again.

    Decision. Step 2: Make Sure The Mobile Device Is Not Blocked By An ActiveSync Quarantine Rule

    1. In the Exchange Control Center, select Mobile, then select Thin Device Access.
    2. Confirm that the person’s mobile device is not quarantined.

    Resolution – Level Or Higher: Make Sure ActiveSync Can Be Throttled Using Autodiscover

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  • Organizing Autodiscover makes it easy to set up on mobile phones and Outlook phones. The Autodiscover service uses the user’s email address and password to automatically configure the user’s profile.

    To further explore this troubleshooting question, run the Exchange ActiveSync Autodiscover test in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. If the user is using a local wirelesswired network to connect to Exchange Online, he should run both tests to ensure that many local networks allow connections to ActiveSync endpoints.

    Remotely Check Online Access To Exchange ActiveSync Using Remote Connectivity Analyzer

    1. In a web browser, use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool.

    2. Enter your Microsoft 365 credentials.

    3. Select Run and Test, then wait for the details window to appear.

    4. Check out the results of our own tests.

    5. Perform one of the game actions:

    6. If successful, test on a mobile device.
    7. If the test fails, verify that automatic service discovery is considered to be configured correctly. For more information, see the following resources:
    8. If all mailboxes in your organization are in Exchange Online, add a CNAME Autodiscover monitor. For more information, see Adding DNS to Records Linking Your Domain and therefore External Domain Name System records for Microsoft 365.
    9. If you have an Exchange hybrid deployment, configure the autodiscover public DNS records for your contiguous SMTP domains to point to the incredible on-premises Exchange server. For more information, see Hybrid Deployment Prerequisites.

    Decision. Step 4: Set Up Your Mobile Device Without Autodiscovery (if You Don’t Need To Use Autodiscovery)

    How do I enable ActiveSync in exchange?

    In the classic EAC, select Recipients > Mailboxes.In the user’s mailbox index, click the mailbox for which you want to enable or sometimes disable Exchange ActiveSync, and if so, click Edit.On the Mailbox Features page, click Mailbox Features.

    We recommend using Autodiscover when trying to set up mobile devices. However, if you want to set up your mobile device without using Autodiscover, use the procedure on one of the following Microsoft websites:

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    Easy Way To Fix Android Exchange ActiveSync Can’t Create Account Issues Error
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