Steps To Troubleshoot IBM 760 Error Codes

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    This guide will help you if you notice IBM 760 error codes.

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    Computer problems can be caused by software, hardware,or both.You can define and decidemany problems with other reviews andSelf-testing of system programs included in Easy-Setup.If a hardware problem is literally found during the self-test,an error message is displayed.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the software and click on "Restore PC"
  • 3. Follow the instructions to complete the restoration process

  • System programs can calculateproblem or provide information to any customer service representative.Write down all error codes and send themService representative when you call for service.If system programs cannot close during boot, refer to the troubleshooting tables.and other information to help you determinetake corrective action.

    Important ibm 760 error codes

    Use this chapter to view IBM products only.Third party products may be a source of misleading or incorrect information.reverse svide with computer. When testing third party productsSee attached instructionsthese products.

  • Common problems and frequently asked questions
  • General problems and actions
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Test, see, computer
  • Troubleshooting schemes
  • Error codes and messages on the screen
  • Blank LCD screen or power-on problems
  • Other general questions
  • What if the test doesn’t find a problem?
  • Battery performance issues
  • Problems with the CD-ROM drive
  • Drive problems
  • Problems with advanced video/MPEG features
  • Dock problems
  • Problems with external monitors
  • TV problems
  • Suspend and sleep issues
  • Problems with infrared communication
  • Keyboard, external numeric keypad, and pointing device issues
  • Problems with Mwave DSP functions (audio and telephony)
  • problems with options
  • Problems with PC cards
  • printer problems
  • software problems
  • get a service
  • Use for your computer problem
  • List of installed options
  • Collection of identification numbers
  • How to get support and customer service
  • Purchasing additional services
  • Obtaining IBM Operating System Updates
  • About your guarantee
  • Common Problems And Frequently Asked Questions


  • Common problems and your own countermeasures
  • Frequently asked questions and clear answers
  • Common Problems And Countermeasures

    problem Action(Link #135.Modem) My application does not work with the Mwave modem. Check the following:

  • You keep Mwave running like this:
  • For modemsunder OS/2:
    1. Open the Mwave ThinkPad folder.
    2. Double-click the Mwave modem icon.
      The Mwave cable box starts automatically.
  • To return FASTCFG:
  • Enter on DOS promptand press Enter.
    Opening of utility company FASTCFG.
  • Select advanced modem; then selectOK.
    The Mwave modem starts up automatically.
  • On Windows, the Mwave modem startsautomatically when Windows starts.
  • Your application uses COM2 as an important communication port.By default, COM2 is often assigned to the Mwave modem.
  • Your app’s device typeset to one to do the following:
  • Mwave modem
  • Hayes Generic Modem(**)
  • Hayes 2400 Smart Modem
  • Hayes modem
  • Hayes compatible modem
  • For information:

  • For OS/2 or Windows, double-click the iconReadme Iconin the Mwave ThinkPad window.
  • For DOS, see the README.TXT the MWD subdirectory.
  • My modem application is not workingwith Card PC modem. If the PC corresponding to the PC Card Director displays the status of the modem card.”Ready,”Add the following parameter symbol to the CONFIG.SYS file:

  • For (or OS/2: DEVICE=C:THINKPADIBM2SS14.SYS /IO0=x (or /IO1=x)

    Note: x indicates the PC board number.(1 slot for the top slot, 2 to find the bottom slot, or 12 for those slots)on thecomputer, and “/IO1=” displays the full slot number forberthing depot orThe port replicator is connected to any computer.

  • My PC card is definitely working. Computer Your is equipped with all built-in Mwave modems.If you want to use a PC Card modem instead of an Mwave modem,They should help you open the communication port (COM port) if so.Modem with PC card.Do the following:

  • For OS/2 or Windows,Launch and unlock the ThinkPad Features program.COM port for PC card modem via:See “Using this ThinkPad Features”.to the ThinkPad Features work program.
  • DOS requires PS2 helper command to disabletelephony does the job or infraredand free any COM portPC card modem.
    ibm 760 error codes

    For more information or the latest tips, see:

  • PC Card Issues with “PC Card Issues”
  • READ.ME FILE and PCMCIA.CRD data file in THINKPAD subdirectoryspecific computer
  • I can’t use PC cards from other OS environment/2 Warp. If you don’t have a PC Card device driverfor OS/2, but someone has DOS,Your PC card can run in a VDM (Virtual DOS Machine) environment.See “Virtual Card Services for OS/2″set up VDM and try the config filesPC Card Director floppy disk for OS/2.(Create a multi-OS/2 PC Card Director floppy using Diskette Factory.) My computer is not working as expected i. Performance varies by hardware and software.Configurations such as memory size, exchange document size,or Smart Drive settings.

    Also close the unused window; Example,If there is no CD in one of the CD-ROM drives,Make sure the media player window is closed.

    Error 2XX seems to be (memory error). Make sure the memory card is installed correctly.(See Installing Additional Storage.)(Reference #136.) Insufficient memory or disk space.

  • If you are using DOS,It is recommended to use thisDOS command MEM /C to testYour random DOS memory usage. Later:
  • Unload all unnecessary drivers from the CONFIG.SYS file.(For example, unload printer drivers until you use the a watermark.)
  • Reconfigure (module top memory) viaThe DEVICEHIGH operator.
  • Using multiple configuration assemblies for DOS(see paper forms supplied with DOS).
  • If you are using Windows:
  • Try the same steps as for the mentioned DOS.
  • Remove all unnecessary programs using the WIN.INI file.(e.g. FUELWIN for AC operation, LRGPTR big for pointer,then further).
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    Steps To Troubleshoot IBM 760 Error Codes
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