We’ve all been there. You’re finally ready to make a solid statement on a spreadsheet with 20,000 data points, and you start to get suspicious.literal ORA message. Before you even think about it rationally, there is an overwhelming sense of need. What mistake could your family have made? How will buyers ever find it? What can everyone do?

Fortunately, navigating Oracle databases isn’t that easy, and many Oracle error subsections are so easy to fix that once you calm down, the error will be fixed in a fraction of a second. ORA-01861 is indeed one of those simple problems that will bring your sluggish heartbeat back to a controlled rhythm. All you need is a brief introduction to Oracle formatting, which we provide here

ORA-01861 Issue

Lists resulting from “literal unformatted string contention”. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, it may seem a bit confusing. However, once or twice you will be familiar with the other two terms.

A in a literal oracle is a fixed concrete data point. For example, inside a list of names, you would have letters like “BRAD”, also known as “CHERY”, which are known as literal characters. They are written between small quotes to help you identify them (remember this later). You can also use literals; In numerical terms, probably a clear number of sick leaves on the table for each employee in your company, expressed in total hours worked.

How do I fix not valid month error in Oracle?

Fix: To resolve this issue, update the SQL statement to fix the error anduse the correct month value. SELECT TO_DATE(’01-JAN-2015′) FROM double; If the relevance is correct but the error still occurs, it might be related to the format you entered.

Finally, and often in the origin of Are ora-01861, date and time literals. They refer to schedule dates, timestamps, or any specified type of specific format string. There can be four types of date and time literals: DATE, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, and optionally TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE. The timestamp uses the Gregorian calendar and follows the special “YYYY-MM-DD” format. TIMESTAMP adds a time expression to the big date after “HH:MM:SS”. Where fff, F stands for fractions of a second. TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE adds “+HH:MM”, while TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE simply stores the data in the specific time zone of the localized database. The complete sequence of date/time/timezone formats would look like this:

ora error 01861

Timestamp “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.+HH:MM”

What is literal does not match format string?

ORA-01861: literal does not compete with format string. Reason: The literals in our input should have the same proportions as the literals in the format loop (except for dynamic spaces). If the “FX” modifier has been included at any time, the literal must be concatenated exactly without extra spaces.

After fff it should be clear that ORA-01861 is often generated when an actual value is entered that does not match the format string. You may have entered a date literal, such as “2015-06-26”, into a table with the meeting format string “YYYY-MM-DD”. Of course, all errors will be generated accordingly.


The basic method for dealing with the ORA-01861 error is quite simple. If an error is returned, fallback to the string specified by Oracle as the point of error and/or change the literal to match the format string exactly, keeping in mind that character literals require guesswork and date and time literals require guesswork and require specific strings on disk. For example, here is the solution in action.

Large example of an ORA-01861 error

ora error 01861

SELECT TO_DATE (‘20140722’ , ‘yyyy-mm-dd’)
Double DE;
ERROR ORA-01861: literal format string mismatch

ORA-01861 Solution Example

The date literal above excludes certain hyphens between year, month, and 24 hours. The correct solution for a particular error would look like this:

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  • CHOOSE TO_DATE (‘2014-07-22’ , ‘yyyy-mm-dd’)

    Is not a valid month Oracle?

    The ORA-01843 error occurs when the user specifies a date that is not a valid 30 day calendar. Valid months are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December for computer hard disk format code MONTH.

    Dual remote control

    This allows you tothe ra- tor to work smoothly and without errors. The better you understand formatting, the less often you will see this important error.

    We look forward to it

    As you can see, the ORA-01861 error is about making it as easy to see as possible. No coding, no digging through the inky depths of your spreadsheets to find a problem. Just be sure to keep a consistent format that should go along with what’s due to be installed in the fall. That being said, any software development organization will definitely have outliers. If you’re in a hurry in this situation, or I suspect you’re just having general difficulties with broader topics like chains of agreement, it never hurts to consult an Oracle Certified Consultant for more information.