How To Fix Wii Disc Not Playing Issues

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    Over the past few days, some users have encountered an error code that causes the Wii to be unable to read the disc. This problem can occur due to many factors. Let’s discuss this now. If the drive looks clean, you will see it in the console. If the app doesn’t work, find a brighter portable light source and check again. If a real Wii is having trouble reading a huge dual-layer disc, use a lens cleaning kit when you need to clean your Playstation’s lens. If you have cleaned the disc and the game console and CD/DVD still do not work, the disc may be damaged.


    If you use all of your Nintendo devices to play games, you may encounter various issues such as Wii/Wii U not scanning disc. Do you know what is causing this problem? Are you sure you want to solve this problem? In fact, you can read this mini-tool to help get replies to messages.

    If your PS4 drive is not recognized, this article provides some helpful solutions that may fix the issue. You can try them one by one to help your family.

    Do you know how to recover data from a damaged or scratched CD/DVD? Now read this article to geta good third-party tool to help you take advantage of this opportunity easily and efficiently.

    Borrow a GameCube disc from a friend, or buy your own inexpensively from a game store or online auction site.

    If it’s related to the GameCube disc, the whole problem is easy to fix if you want and tinker with a specific screwdriver.

    Operate disc powered loading arms smoothly – smoothly – engage without force.

    Take a closer look at the two metal rails that currently pull the full size disc into the Wii. Both should have white plastic videos about 4 x 3mm in size so you don’t scratch them off the game disc.

    Often both clips are missing or broken.

    Also, the metal rails sometimes bulge outwards, much like pressing down on a CD and twisting it. Gently bend them towards the edge of the disk. If the off-white plastic clips are also broken, wrap each piece of 5mm heat shrink tubing.

    After removing the cover, pleaseChoose to load a specific game from the disc. If necessary, be sure to bend the guides so that they do NOT hit the record as it rotates.

    In my experience, this fixes problem 1 energy 3.

    Updated September 22 2017

    wii cannot read disc troubleshooting

    Your Wii may display disc scroll errors for a variety of reasons. This may be due to how you use the disk, how you exercise, or you may indicate a console error. This happens easily with a new game or, annoyingly, with a game that has obviously worked well hundreds of times. In any case, there are several solutions that you can try to solve one way or another.

    Check If Your Current Disc Is Compatible

    If this is your first time trying to play this game, please make sure the main disc is compatible with your device. The system only works with Wii and GameCube discs, and you can only play GameCube games on the original console with RVL-001. You also can’t play Wii U board games on the Wii, and you’ll get a read error when trying to play DVDs or games on other consoles.

    Check For The Presence OfProblems With Disc And Game

    wii cannot read disc troubleshooting

    Try another game to see if it works. If so, you probably have a problem with the disk and not the console. Wipe the CD/DVD with a soft cloth, moving it from side to side until it is clean. Make sure it’s dry and try again. If you see large scratches or silver on the disc, cleaning may not help. However, if you are indeed under warranty, you will most likely qualify for a replacement. Sometimes your company gets golf errors due to this common mistake. Please visit the Nintendo website to see if this applies to a specific game and if there is an action plan for this.

    Check How To Insert Disc

    If you leave your Wii on its side, make sure no one accidentally knocks it over. The disk slot should be above the buttons and therefore the SD card slot. If the console is upside down, you are using a read error because you were actually trying to insert the disc in the wrong direction. When your Wii is laid on its side, it can now only play discs with the label facing up; If you have an earlier version that stands vertically, the specific disc label should face to the right.

    Test Your Wii

    Sometimes you can fix disc mapping errors by turning your Wii on and off. This usually works best if you can’t play discs for a specific console, and can also fix issues with a single entire game. Turn off and disconnect your Wii. Waiting game minutes. In the meantime, make sure all connectors and cables are in the correct location and securely fastened. Plug in the adapter, turn your Wii back on and try loading the game.

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    How To Fix Wii Disc Not Playing Issues
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